Heterophyiasis: Heterophyes heterophyes infection

Heterophyiasis is a parasite infection form The trematode Heterophyes heterophyes, a minute intestinal fluke which is called Fish tape worm ( intestinal flukes).
It transport through snail called prienlla conica in water, and then is transport into some types of fish as boulty and bory . when human eats fish, becomes infected with lophocircus circaria ( the infective stage of parasite).

Geographic Distribution in the world:
Egypt, the Middle East, Far East and Africa.

Small intestine of man, dog , cat & fox

Presence of the flukes in human intestine causes diarrhea, colicky abdominal pain , intestinal mucosa inflammation, most of patients are asymptomatic .
Migration of the eggs to the heart ,Result in potentially fatal myocardial and valvular damage.
Migration of the eggs to other organs (e.g., brain) has also been reported.

By microscopic examination of stool, we find embryonated eggs (yellowish oval eggs containing mature miracidium)
Praziquantel : 25mg/kg twice for one day& Niclosamide

Proper disposal of human sewage.
Proper cooking and salting fish for many days.
Not to eat undercooked fish.

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