Diabetes type I (Juvenile Diabetes): causes, symptoms and treatment.


Diabetes type I (Juvenile Diabetes) is a disease due to deficiency in insulin (hormone responsible for reducing amount of glucose in blood). The deficiency in insulin occurs as result of destruction of beta cells in pancreas (cells responsible for production of insulin) by immune system ,so diabetes type I is regarded as auto-immune disease.

This type of diabetes Represents around 10% of all diabetes conditions, and regarded as the most common chronic childhood conditions.

As mentioned before, It’s regarded auto-immune disease ,as the immune system attacks Beta-cells of pancreas  Or due to shrinking in beta cells, in the two cases, the result is deficiency in secretion of insulin , so the level of blood glucose raises.

diabetes type I , mainly affects people under 30 years, people who over the age of 30, their percent is about 10-15% of all cases of diabetes are type 1.
Onset is usually abrupt and the symptoms appear obvious.
- Excessive thirst.
- Excessive urination.
- Always feeling hungry.
- Unexplained weight loss.
- Very weak and fatigue.
-  Blurred vision.
- Mood swings.
- Headaches.
- Feeling dizzy.
- Leg cramps.
If you observes that symptoms or some of them occur suddenly , see a doctor. Through a simple test (Blood glucose level test), doctor can find out if you are diabetic.

It can be managed with insulin tablets or injections .
In the case of deficiency of insulin, the body burns its own fats to get energy as a substitute , but using fats as a source of energy produce side chemical substances (ketone bodies) in the blood which accumulate and cause ketoacidosis . ketoacidosis can be life threatening if it is not treated.

Type 1 diabetes is not related to modifiable lifestyle factors , as there is no cure and it can’t be prevented.

Pathient with diabetes have to do test to blood glucose levels several times. 
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