Walking Corpse (Cotard delusion): causes, symptoms and treatment

 Walking corpse syndrome is a very rare type of Delusional Psychosis and a Neuropsychiatric disorder, named as Cotard delusion referred to Jules Cotard a French neurologist 1880 ,
This disorder affect  the normal thought patterns of person causing them to believe that they are dead ,they are slowly decomposing or they organs and blood have been removed , any people who are  zombies or vampires were suffering from walking corpse syndrome and have serious delusion about what or who they are.
Stages of Walking dead syndrome:
·        First stage – ( the germination stage): includes symptoms of hypochondria and psychotic depression. Hypochondria is extreme worry about being unwell . Psychotic depression is a depressive episode along with psychotic symptoms as hallucinations .
·        Second stage – ( the blooming stage) includes a development  symptoms of walking corpse syndrome.
·        Third stage – ( the chronic stage) includes  chronic psychiatric depression and severe delusions.

This is a syndrome that has various symptoms associated with it. Some of these many symptoms can include:
·        The belief of being dead .
·        Withdrawing from other people.
·        The feeling of being paralyzed.
·        Feeling of guilt, insensitivity to pain, depression, and negativity.
·        Having auditory based hallucinations.
·        Neglecting their physical health and personal hygiene.

Many cases of walking corpse syndrome can refers to various brain trauma incidents  in the section of brain that control the emotions and face recognition
These sections are:
Fusiform gyrus –  that recognizes faces
Amygdala – that processes your emotions.
 They have a hallucinations that they have no feeling or recognition and they are not really living. They do not recognize faces as this syndrome  is associated with lobes above visual processing center (occipital lobe) and behind the front of brain (frontal lobe) in the right hemisphere of brain.
Another cause is the adverse physiological response to the medication acyclovir, which is an antiviral medication that treat kidney failure. They are unable to excrete a metabolite of acyclovir called CMMG which accumulates in their blood and causes the symptoms of walking corpse syndrome.

 The risk that can develop this syndrome:
·        Brain atrophy
·        Seizure disorders
·        Brain tumors
·        Strokes
·        Migraine headaches
·        Parkinson’sdisease

 The diagnosis depends on the symptoms of walking corpse syndrome.  The blood tests, MRI’s, EEG, or CT scan may be ordered   .

However, there is no true cure, but a few treatment is used
Antidepressant and antipsychotic medications may be prescribed along with mood stabilizer as they do seem to have some effect.
 Electroconvulsive shock therapy as an electrical current is passed through their brain and intentionally triggers a brief seizure. This treatment causes a change in their brain chemistry to quickly reverse their symptoms of walking dead syndrome.
Using medications in combination with electroconvulsive shock therapy are more effective than using medications by themselves.
 Trained therapist can help them to try to work the delusional thoughts out of their brain. The therapist will try to extract information they need to help them with getting rid of their delusional thoughts of being one of the undead.

You should get rid of the bad mood and depression. Always be positive and contact with other people and the out world. Eat a healthy food and give an important to your hygiene .
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