Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) : parasite infection

Schistosomiasis ((Bilharzia) is an infection named as swimmer's itch and caused by a type of Schistosoma parasite  .
The main cause of schistosomiasis disease is getting schistosoma infection through contact with contaminated water.  Then cercaria which is the infective stage is placed in bodies of water and if the person be a touch with this water, the parasite burrows into the skin, matures into another stage (schistosomula), then migrates to the lungs and liver, where it matures into the adult form which migrates to its preferred body part, depending on its species and include the bladder, rectum, intestines, liver, portal venous system, spleen, and lungs. 
Symptoms vary with the species of worm and the phase of infection:
1-Heavy infestation (many parasites) may cause fever, chills, lymph node enlargement, and liver and spleen enlargement.
2-Itching and a rash (swimmer's itch).
3-Abdominal pain and diarrhea with other Intestinal symptoms .
4-Urinary symptoms may include frequent urination, painful urination (dysuria), and blood in the urine (hematuria).
Exams and Tests :
1-Antibody test to checks for signs of schistosome infection.
2-Biopsy of tissue suspected of being infected.
3-Complete blood count (CBC) to check for signs of anemia.
4-Examination test to look for the parasite eggs in stool and urine.
5-Eosinophil count to measure the number of certain white blood cells.
This infection is usually treated with the drug praziquantel. If the infection is severe or involves the brain, corticosteroids may be given.
Possible Complications:
1-Bladder cancer.
2-Chronic kidney failure and chronic liver and spleen damage   .
 3-Colon inflammation and bloody diarrhea.
4-Kidney and bladder obstruction.
5-Pulmonary hypertension.
6-Repeated blood infections can occur, because bacteria can enter the bloodstream through an irritated colon.
7-Right-sided heart failure.
1-Avoid swimming or bathing in contaminated or potentially contaminated water.
2-Avoid bodies of water of unknown safety.
3-Snails are an intermediate host for the parasite. If you could get rid of this snails from the water you used you will prevent infection
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