High blood pressure (HBP)

Many people suffers from high blood pressure for many years without feeling any symptoms ,but high blood pressure may leads to heart attack or stroke , so we must measure it permanently.

There is two types of high blood pressure:- 

1- Primary: It's the most common , Its causes in most conditions are unknown ,but it may be ,because bad diet ,insufficient sport , aging or inherited .

2- Secondary: It's less common than primary , its causes may be because:
- Kidney dysfunction.
- Problems in adrenal gland.
- inherited problems in heart.
- Due to some drugs such as contraception drugs, cold drugs.
- Some analgesic drugs such as cocaine .

Its symptoms don't appear in most conditions , but if it's very high it leads to :
- Pain in head
- Headache
- Dizziness
- Bleeding from nose

If the disease isn't treated , after period of time it may leads to:

- Pain in chest.
- damage in blood vessels.
- Heart attack.
- Stroke.
- Weak in concentration & memory.
- Weak in sight .

High blood pressure can be detected easily by sphygmomanometer. It's normal level 120/80 which means that systolic pressure is 120 mmHg, and diastolic is 80 mmHg. if it excess this level it leads to high blood pressure.

 you can treat yourself or reduce effects of disease by following the next tips:

- If you are smoker, you should stop smoking.
- Do a lot of exercise .
- Reduce eating of salts especially sodium salts.
- Increase eating of foods which contain potassium.
- Drink alcohols leads to high blood pressure , so you must stop alcohols.
- Stress also increase blood pressure , so try to be calm and relaxed.

- Drugs which are diuretic.
- Drugs which block beta-receptor.
- Drugs which regulate angiotensin enzymes.
- Blood vessels dilators.
- Rennin regulators.

Doctors also may advise you by aspirin to decease probability of stroke

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